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Find out how CoHost can help you to collaborate, grow, and earn from your channel

Stand out from the crowd

There are over 6,000,000 active YouTube accounts. Stand out from the crowd with a profile that appears in Google search results

Keep your profile up to date with all of your videos at the touch of a button

CoHost - Stand out from the crowd

Share your videos, and your thoughts

Post status updates as well as videos straight to your wall. Get likes and comments directly on your page

Your videos are loaded directly from YouTube so any views gained through CoHost will be reflected in your YouTube analytics

In video ads work throughout CoHost and any money is credited to your YouTube account as normal

CoHost - Share your videos, and your thoughts

Discover new creators

Find creators by location, keywords or a combination of both. Connect and engage with content creators you didn't know existed

Follow them to stay up to date with all their latest videos, or request a collaboration

CoHost - Discover new creators

Request A Collaboration

YouTube's built-in inbox system can get messy quickly. Request a collaboration easily within CoHost

Established creators may not want to be inundated with requests, so you can opt-out from receiving requests from smaller channels

Your CoHost score will help indicate which creators would be most suitable to work with you

CoHost - Request A Collaboration

Stay up to date with your favourite creators

Follow your favourite creators and never miss a video by getting the latest updates and videos as they happen, straight to your feed

Engage with other creators by liking and commenting on their updates

Mark videos as watched when you're finished, not when we decide you're done

CoHost - Stay up to date with your favourite creators

Track Performance

See how your channel is performing over time with channel analytics. We have taken all of the confusing terminology away and show you what really matters

Simply view the numbers as is, or see them plotted on our graphs to help you understand how your hard work is paying off

CoHost - Analytics


Learn how to grow and monetise your channel from our database of knowledge articles

Our database of articles are designed to help you focus on growing your channel and running it as a successful business.

Whether you're interested in tips on how to grow your channel, collaborate with other creators or earn more money, we've got something for you

CoHost - Learn

CoHost TV

Find a new audience for your content or discover new creators with our selection of the most liked videos through CoHost both recently and over time

Filter this by categories such as Gaming, Music, Sports, Food, Beauty and many more

CoHost - Find new content

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