Privacy Policy

We're not spying on you, we promise!

Your YouTube channel is incredibly important so we do everything we can in order to help protect it. We never ask for your password and only request as much information from the YouTube API as we need.

For information on what we ask from YouTube, see the section below titled “Login using Google Account (oAuth)”


We currently use the following cookies on CoHost, this list will be updated if anything changes. If you have any further questions about the information we use, please email us.

hide_cookie_bar (CoHost)

This lets us know if you’ve acknowledged the cookie policy notification that pops up when visiting CoHost for the first time.

__utma (Google Analytics)

This is linked to Google Analytics and remains on a computer until the cookies are cleared or the cookie expires. This cookie tracks visitor metrics such as whether or not it’s your first visit to the site or if you’re a returning user.

__utmb / __utmc (Google Analytics)

Another Google Analytics cookie. These cookies work together to calculate how long users spend on the site. The __utmb cookie marks the arrival time and __utmc registers the exit time. By using these together, we are able to see the average session duration of our users. This information is anonymous and we can use this data to helps us to spot areas of improvement.

__utmz (Google Analytics)

To help us note how a user found CoHost, this cookie monitors the HTTP Referrer of our web traffic and notes where our visitors are arriving from. With a life of 6 months, this information is used in Google Analytics and helps silo the information so we know how many visitors have come from search results, online advertising or social networks.

__cfduid (Cloud Flare)

This is provided by part of our hosting infrastructure in order to provide better support when viewing from public networks. More information can be found at on their website.


This is provided by part of our hosting infrastructure in order monitor performance across the site. More information can be found at on their website.


Comments, status updates, blog posts and other data that is published to the public section of CoHost may also be visible by anyone not logged in and can be crawled by Google for inclusion in their search results.

Your questions, private messages and collaboration requests will not be visible to Google or any other user, except for those who are included in the conversation. CoHost administrators may have access to your questions and collaboration requests in order to resolve any issues.

In order to provide a better service, we use Google Analytics to help understand how people use the site. Google Analytics uses “cookies” to collect anonymous visitor behaviour information. These “cookies” are small text files that are held locally on your computer and then transmitted directly to Google, without going through the CoHost servers. The information that Google Analytics provides allows us to optimise the site and our marketing efforts to better suit your needs. We never know what pages a specific user has visited or actions they may have taken. For more information on Google Analytics, please visit their site.

For new features, we may use advanced analytics tools in order to fully understand how users engage with these new features. We follow the privacy policies of these tools and never sell this information to third-parties. The only thing we use this information for is to make CoHost better for you, our users. For more details on the tools we use, please visit the following links:

Lucky Orange:



To further build our community, we will need to advertise. I know that many people hate online advertising, and we wish there was a way to get CoHost noticed without using it.

When advertising, we will be using a form of remarketing which is based on the “cookies” that are set when someone visits the CoHost website or watches any of our videos on YouTube. We can use this to show you TrueView adverts on YouTube or display adverts on over 2 million of Google’s partner websites. For those who are signed up to CoHost already, you may see promoted content on these platforms or details about our premium accounts or new features.

There’s no point us advertising to those who don’t want to see our offers. It costs us money and frustrates those who keep seeing our adverts. We want to make it easy to opt-out, so if you really don’t want to see our adverts anymore, please opt-out of Google’s use of cookies for advertising here:

If you have any further questions about how your data is used, please get in touch: [email protected]

Login using Google Account (oAuth) / YouTube API

This is much more secure than using an email address and password. This lets you login with the same credentials as your Google account, without ever entering your password on our site.

View basic profile info

This allows us to streamline the sign-up process and lets us know that the data being used on CoHost is accurate. We are able to pull your channel name, images, description and other basic profile information direct from YouTube. We only have read-access to your profile information and at no point can we change any profile data on your account.

View YouTube account

This lets us get more detailed information about your YouTube channel and videos to help determine your CoHost score and make better use of the platform. This allows you to easily publish your latest videos to the CoHost feed and make use of other features that are planned for development.

View YouTube Analytics reports

We want to show you how far your channel has grown since you’ve started your journey on CoHost. To do this, we automatically allocate a score to each channel using your YouTube analytics.

Have Offline Access

This allows us to still load information about your channel such as videos uploaded to YouTube even after you logged in some time ago. Without this, making further requests for data from YouTube would require you to log out and back in again.

Contact Email Address

To let you know that your beta request has been approved, we need some contact details.

Link to channel

We need a link to your YouTube channel when signing up for beta in order to register you on our waiting list.

Location (Postcode / Zip Code / Town / City / Country)

If you want to find other local creators, we need to know whereabouts you are based. We do not provide your location details to others, instead we give the distance between two user’s locations. We only store the first 4 digits of your postcode to ensure that no one can identify your street address with information you provide to us.

Social Accounts

This isn’t essential by any means, but if you want your social accounts to be displayed on your profile page then you need to let us know some basic details. We don’t need your password or for you to authorise anything else, just a link to your profiles.

Date of Birth

We require your date of birth to ensure that you are at least 13 years old in order to use the platform. The birthday you provide on login is encrypted and stored on our servers so we can prove the age of our users if required by law.

Name of parent / guardian

If you are under 13 years old then we will request the name of your parent or guardian. This will allow us to get in touch with them to explain what CoHost is and the information we gather / store on our users. This information is encrypted and stored on our servers, if you would like it removed, please contact us.

Email of parent / guardian

If you are under 13 years old we need to get in touch with your parent or guardian via email. We will use the information you provide to contact them. This information is encrypted and stored on our servers. If you would like it removed, please contact us.

General Data Protection Regulation

GDPR is designed to protect the data and privacy of European Citizens. By designing CoHost with security and privacy in mind, we do not hold any unnecessary personally identifiable information.

For the personal information that we do hold, we either have express permission from you to use it, or we are holding it under legitimate interests. This means that we require this information in order to provide our services to you. We would never ask for information that we do not require. For example, we request your postcode so the “Find a CoHost” feature works.

As part of GDPR, it is also a legal requirement that you can change any information we hold on you if it is incorrect. Much of the information we use is pulled directly from YouTube and a lot of the CoHost specific information we ask for can be changed within your settings (such as your social profiles). If you would like a list of all the information we hold on you, please contact [email protected] with the subject line “Information Request”. If any of the information we hold is incorrect we will also gladly change or delete it for you.

We hold Data Protection Agreements with any third party we work with that may have access to any of your data. This agreement details how our service provides store and process the data we send to them, including the level of security they have to protect data stored on their servers. We do not send any personal information to Google Analytics, however we use Heap Analytics to understand error messages and help troubleshoot any problems our users may have. Please contact us for information on our Data Protection Agreements.