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We’re moving to Open-Beta! And it's completely free!

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Over the last year, CoHost has been in closed-beta where only a select few have had access to the website. During this time we’ve been listening to all the feedback you’ve given us, leading to the following announcements.

Everything is now free!

We want a platform that anyone can use and benefit from, especially smaller creators who may not be earning anything from their content. 

There are currently no plans for any paid accounts. Everyone will now be able to use all the current features of CoHost for free.

If you haven’t yet had a chance to look at all the features of our platform, now is a perfect opportunity!

It's easy to invite friends

The last thing we want is for you to feel alone when using CoHost, so we’ve made it really easy for you to invite other YouTubers. On our referral page you will find a unique link for you to share on social media, on videos or invite your friends via email. We actively encourage you to review CoHost and let us know of any feature requests.

We want to say thank you for helping us grow our community, so for each user you refer to us we will credit your account with additional CoHost points. These points are used across the site to show which creators are actively improving their channel. A higher score enables users to request a collaboration with larger creators and can make it easier for others to find your profile in our Find a CoHost tool. Start inviting now!

Notification system is live

What's the point of using a social platform if you don’t know when people are commenting on your content? We’ve pushed our notification system live so you will now know when people like your videos/comments or when you get a collaboration request.

Our aim is that this will help create an engaging community to help you grow your channel.

We want to know your thoughts about CoHost and what we can do to make it better for you. Your feedback is what has enabled us to make these changes, please keep the suggestions and thoughts coming in, and your suggestion may make it into the next product feature update!

Still not tried CoHost?

There's never been a better time!

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