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Introducing The Team

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We aren’t a faceless corporate entity, we are a group of video creators and marketers who are passionate about rebuilding the online video community and providing support to content creators large and small.

As CoHost is about the community, we want to be in the background as much as possible and give you all the chance to shine. It is necessary that you know the right people are at the helm of this ship though. It’s all about transparency. There are no other investors or stakeholders in CoHost which means we aren’t being pressured by any third party to make unnecessary changes. Any decisions will be made based on what is best for the community and not what is best for our investor’s wallets.

You will be seeing our names pop up from time to time, but we will also be providing a lot of opportunities for our users to become more affiliated with the CoHost brand and give them a chance to shine to a much wider audience. More information on this over the coming months.

For now, this is your CoHost team:


The sensible head of the team. Colin has over 30 years experience in running a successful marketing agency and brings a lot of business knowledge and advice to the table. Many of the important aspects of running a business have gone through Colin to ensure it’s all set up and running smoothly. From registering trademarks to sorting out our finances, there’s not much that Colin can’t handle.


Everything you see was built with his own hands and a lot of love. David is currently our sole programmer and has developed the CoHost platform from scratch. No off the shelf templates or CMS here, with the entire website being built specifically for CoHost. This gives us unrivalled flexibility when creating new features and enables us to grow without trying to shoehorn features into an system that isn’t designed for it.


What’s the point in developing an amazing platform if no one can find it? Spearheading our marketing, Ross is bringing his knowledge of the latest marketing techniques to CoHost. To help with our growth, Ross will be instrumental in building our relationships with other businesses. In addition, he brings years of event planning expertise to the table to help bring our future plans to fruition.


Your resident search engine optimisation, online advertising and YouTube expert; Shawn has worked with digital marketing for the last 8 years. It certainly doesn’t hurt that he also has over 10 years experience in creating online videos and was a founder of a YouTube channel that now has over 1 million subscribers. His role within CoHost is to continue to build upon the knowledge and resources that currently exist, and ensure that users are happy with the platform and service they receive.

If you want to know a bit more about your team, get in touch.

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