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New Feature - Analytics Suite

Have you ever tried to understand how your YouTube channel is performing, only to get completely lost in the avalanche of information that YouTube provides?

We have just released a new analytics tool designed to take away this complexity and make it easy for you to quickly get to the stats that matter.

Compare your stats and view your channel growth over time. Simply view the numbers as is, or see them plotted on our graphs to help you understand how your hard work is paying off.

Here are just some of the figures you can quickly view in CoHost:


Pretty standard really. How many views has your channel earned in the specified timeframe?

Net Sub Growth

Not just showing the number of subscribers, but the total of subscribers gained minus those you may have unfortunately lost. If this is in the green, then you’re on the right track.

Subscribers per 1,000 views

Easily see how many subscribers you gain on average for every thousand views. The aim is to increase this number at the same time as you’re increasing your views.

Viewer Happiness

It’s almost impossible to see how happy your viewers are with your videos. Yes, you can compare likes against videos, but this can be misleading as different videos will have different viewer counts. We do the legwork for you and give you a simple figure so you can see how your content has improved.

It’s important to note that we aren’t recording any metrics that are related to earnings. This is a conscious effort on our part to ensure that we only ask for the bare minimum access permissions on your YouTube account. We also know that giving a third party access to your YouTube earnings can be pretty terrifying, so we don’t ask for it!

There are many more stats available in our analytics tool, sign up for free and click the analytics tab to have a quick look at how your channel is growing.

We’d love to hear your feedback and if you have any feature requests, let us know. We’re constantly listening to your feedback and improving the platform based on your requirements.

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