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What is the CoHost Score?

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We frequently get asked "what is the score about?" or "how do you calculate my score?".

I'm not willing to divulge our score's secret recipe, but I will share what it means.

Simply put, it's a way of moving the focus away from looking at subscriber levels and instead looking to see which creators are growing with a loyal and engaged fanbase. The higher the number, the more engaged your users are, with a regular viewer base being rewarded heavily.

The main reason we aren't looking to share exactly what goes into this is because we don't want people to try playing the system. We also change how we calculate it from time to time, so we don't want to tell you one thing and then remove it from our future calculations.

What we CAN tell you though is that if you continue to grow your channel, the CoHost score linked to your channel should also increase.

Plus, unlike subscribers - you can't buy CoHost score ;)

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