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Top Mistakes People Make When Collaborating

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It’s easy to make mistakes when collaborating with others. One of the most regular mistakes that people make is that they forget collaborations are supposed to be a joint partnership. Many creators forget that people need a reason to collaborate with you and that larger creators don’t actually owe you anything. Remember that the main goal is to make sure that all parties benefit from the partnership.

If you are looking to collaborate with another user, be sure to follow these tips to maximise the chance of working together effectively.

Remember that the larger the channel, the busier the creators are, so don’t be disheartened if someone doesn’t reply. Focus on finding creators around your size.

Focus on contacting creators that create similar content to you. There’s no point contacting a challenge channel if you’re a gamer. Don’t just go off the video titles, watch at least 10 of their videos and make sure they are the type of creator you think you can get along with.

Make sure that you contact a user with a collaboration idea. Give the other creator a reason to get back in touch, making sure that the collaboration benefits both of you.

Never offer to meet up with someone you don’t actually know! Not only is it dangerous, but it may be a bit creepy to offer to meet up in person within the first month or so of talking. If you want to film in person, do so in a larger group and make sure everyone knows where you’re going and what you are doing. BE SAFE.

Make sure you give your collaborators the proper credit in your videos. Not only include links to their channels in the description, but also add a link to one of their videos in your end-card. Also make sure you use the video credits functionality in YouTube so that algorithm knows who you have worked with and give you both credit.

Finding creators that make similar content to you is hard enough, let alone finding channels that have similar reach and live close enough to collaborate with. We have developed CoHost as a free platform to help you find and engage with local collaborators. Claim your free profile now.

If you have any further advice for creators looking to collaborate, let us know about it in the comments!

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