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The Benefits of Collaboration

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It’s easy to look at YouTube as a competition. Everyone wants to be successful and no-one wants to be left behind as other similar channels start to find their feet. It makes sense in a way, as you don’t want your competitors to be leaving you behind, no matter what industry you are in!

Unlike other industries though, you aren’t really competitors. You aren’t two competing shops on the same high-street and no other creator is taking views or money from you. You should instead see it for what it is; a group of entertainers with an overlapping audience. This crossover makes it surprisingly easy for you to build your own audience, you just need to know how to approach the situation.

Think of shows you may have seen on TV. It’s very rare that a presenter works on one show, and instead you may see them working on multiple shows. Think to yourself how often you have watched a TV programme just because one of your favourite entertainers or presenters are scheduled to appear. Now apply this same thinking to YouTube. It’s likely that the loyal subscribers of your own channel will crossover to another channel to see what you’re up to on another channel and vice-versa.

By creating content together, you get to share your audience with another creator. If you collaborate with multiple creators then you get to grow your channel relatively quickly, the trick is to find the right people to work with.

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