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Pewdiepie is a genius. Here's why...

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As I’m sure the whole internet is aware by now:

Pewds managed to reach 50 million subscribers and said he would delete his account.
This was a joke that got out of hand, so he deleted a different channel instead.

These are our original thoughts on the subject. Initially we were convinced that Pewdiepie was being smart and deleting his account in order to keep on top of YouTube's algorithm changes. Our original post begins below.

Pewdiepie will delete his channel when he reaches 50 million subscribers!

  • Yes, it’s a publicity stunt.
  • Yes, he will actually delete his account.
  • Yes, he’s incredibly smart for doing so.

I will continue to preach that if you want to be found on YouTube, you need to understand how to play the system. By this, I mean you need a good understanding of marketing and in-depth knowledge of YouTube’s algorithms (the magic formula search engines use to decide what is worthy of being seen).

There’s no point in me lying, I can’t say for sure exactly what the magic formula is in order to rank top on YouTube (if I could, you’d be hearing about me deleting my account and not Pewdiepie), but we can look at another top search engine and get some insight from there. We know that Google owns YouTube, so it would also make perfect sense for YouTube to use some of Google’s techniques.

Some of the biggest Google algorithm changes in recent years:

Google now looks at the quality of incoming links and not just the quantity.
YouTube now looks at the quality of your viewers, not just the number of viewers.

Google rewards websites that have regular updates (such as blog posts or news articles).
YouTube rewards regular uploaders.

Google is looking to reward sites that have a rich user experience through machine learning.
YouTube now rewards creators that have a high volume of video engagements.

(note: I’ve simplified some of this, just incase any SEO experts want to try prove me wrong. Any questions, shoot in the comments or hit us up on Twitter)

So we know that there is a charity stream starting an hour after Pewdiepie is scheduled to delete his channel. We also know that there has been a media frenzy about the fact the channel is going to be deleted. As a side note: what better way to get your followers to watch your stream than deleting your main account just moments before the stream starts? Your devoted following will of course watch your stream for any news on the new channel.

With the channel deleted, it removes all his dormant, inactive subscribers allowing Pewds to focus on creating a newly optimised account. We have to remember that he also has over 9 million followers on Twitter and he can push his latest videos to this huge audience very easily. It won’t be the same struggle as a brand new YouTuber, as he already has a recognisable brand.

This new account will be the dream YouTube channel: viewers in their millions due to active social profiles, subscribers growing by their thousands every hour, engagement rates through the roof thanks to everyone commenting on the channel’s return.

It’s a gamble, but it’s necessary to ensure that Pewdiepie’s channel is continuously looked upon favourably by the YouTube algorithm. It’s also raised awareness of the problems that YouTubers are having and hopefully YouTube will look to rectify these.

Felix, you’re a genius. You’ve played both the media and the YouTube algorithm perfectly.

Good luck with your New Game+  

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