What are Video Enhancements?

YouTube has made it very easy for creators to make enhancements to their videos once they have been uploaded. As long as your video has been viewed fewer than 100,000 times, is less than 2 hours long and you have no copyright claims, you are able to save your enhancements directly to the existing video. If not, you will have to save the enhancements as a brand new video.

There are plenty of enhancements that are available through YouTube, in order to find them:

  • Visit your Video Manager 
  • Navigate to the video you would like to improve
  • Click Edit 
  • Click Enhancements

Mobile devices are able to perform some of these enhancements, but it is recommended that you log into YouTube on a desktop / laptop in order to get access to the full suite of enhancements.

The enhancements available on desktop are:

  • Fix lighting and colour
    • Contrast
    • Saturation
    • Temperature
    • Fill Light
  • Stabilise any shaky camera shots
  • Change the speed your video plays (slow motion / time lapse)
  • Trim out parts of your video
  • Rotate the view
  • Blur faces, people or objects


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