How to upload a channel trailer

Reaching out to new users and converting them to subscribers is rarely an easy task. Channel Trailers will be the first thing users see on your channel, and will only show to those that have not yet subscribed. It should grab their attention in the first few seconds and showcase exactly what they should expect from your channel. Best practice is to keep it short, assume the viewer has never heard of your channel before. Show them what your channel has to offer, rather than tell them, and use annotations to provide subscription links.

To upload a channel trailer, you must have enabled Channel Customisation. If you have not yet done this, there is a tutorial available explaining how to do so

  • Sign in to your YouTube account and upload the video you want to use for your trailer
  • From this menu, select My Channel
  • Click the For New Visitors tab, just above the videos (If this is not displaying, you need to turn on channel customisation)
  • Click on Channel Trailer
  • You should be seeing a list of your uploaded videos. Select the one you want to use as a trailer, select it by clicking once and hit Save

You can check this has worked by changing the View As drop-down menu to New Visitor. The chosen trailer should now be displaying at the top of your feed.


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