How to set default upload settings

Default settings are custom settings applied to all new videos uploaded.

  • Log in and click your channel icon at the top right of the page
  • Select Creator Studio
  • Click Channel on the left menu
  • Select Upload Defaults

From here, you can change the following:


Choose between Public, Private or Unlisted. Choosing an option other than Public can be useful if you don’t want your content to be immediately viewable.


Here you can choose the default category for all of your future uploads. If your videos vary in genre, it may be best to leave this field blank.


Here you can choose between a Standard YouTube Licence and a Creative Commons - Attribution licence. Creative Commons works are freely available to the public, provided the link back to the original source. For example, creative commons music can be freely used in other people's YouTube videos, provided there is a link to the original work (usually specified by the author)


Use this field if you have a standard template for uploads, such as ending each title with a brand name.


The default description field is perfect if you use the same elements across all videos, such as links to you website or social media accounts.


This field will set default tags for all new uploads. Each tag must be separated by a comma (E.g. tag 1, tag 2, tag 3).

Comments and Ratings:

This field allows you to either disable comments by default, or only show approved comments. You can also disables users ability to view video ranking metrics.


This tickbox will allow you to set all new videos to be monetised by default.

Ad Formats:

Here you can select which adverts will be displayed on your channel. You can select which advert types to enable or disable, with choices of Overlay ads, Skippable video ads and sponsored cards.

Ad Breaks:

Enable/ disable mid-roll ads by default

Video Language:  

Select the default language for your videos

Subtitle Contributions:

This option allows viewers to contribute closed captions and subtitles to your video

Caption Certification:

This field will not be applicable to YouTube users outside of the US, or anyone that doesn’t use content which has been aired in the US. There are multiple options to select if this applies to your content.

Suggest Video Improvements:

This option allows automated suggestions for video improvement. Generally, it is best to disable this feature, as the advice provided can often be counter-productive.

Video Location:

Adds a default location that is searchable on public videos.

Video Statistics:

Use this to choose if video statistics can be viewed publicly.

  • Once you have made all applicable changes, click Save

While these settings apply to all new videos by default, each can be tweaked and overridden at a video level.


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