How to add featured channels

While it may sound counter-productive, adding similar, respected, channels to your own under the featured channel list is a good way of increasing your own brand's trustworthiness. By linking to well known members of your competition, you help to form a subconscious link between your channel and theirs. This is a good way of giving your channel context, but also reinforcing the quality of your channel in your viewers minds.

  • Sign in to your YouTube account and select the menu drop down on the top-left of the page 
  • From this menu, click My Channel
  • Start scrolling down and you will see Featured Channels on the right hand side of your page.
  • Click Add Channels
  • You can change the name of the list in the Section Title field. This will be “Featured Channels” by default.
  • Type the name or copy/paste the URL of the channels you wish to display and click Add
  • Once you’ve finished adding channels, click Done


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