How to add a watermark

There are several ways during a video to prompt viewers to subscribe to your channel. One of the simplest and least intrusive of these is to add a Branding Watermark. This will display a small, semi-transparent icon, relevant to your channel, in the bottom corner of your video at a time selected by you. On Desktop, this watermark will give users the option to directly subscribe to your channel when they hover over the icon.

  • Log in and click your channel icon at the top right of the page
  • Click the Settings cog icon, to the right of the Creator Studio
  • Select View Additional Features at the bottom of the page
  • In the Channel dropdown, select Branding
  • Click on Add a Watermark
  • Click Choose File
  • Navigate to the file on your PC, select it and click Open
  • Hit Save

Best practice for branding watermarks is to use a single colour on a transparent background, ensuring the images are less distracting to viewers.

Watermarks will only appear on mobile devices when watched in landscape view, and will not display on custom YouTube chromeless players.


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