How to download your own videos

YouTube have provided a very easy way for users to download an MP4 file their own videos, but be warned that you cannot download the original source file. This download will be a 480p version.

Follow these steps to download a single video in 480p whilst on desktop:

  • Visit your video manager 
  • Find the video you would like to download and click the arrow to the right of the Edit button
  • In the drop-down menu, select Download MP4

This is a convenient method to quickly download a video from your channel, but it lacks the quality of the original footage. To download your videos in their original quality you will have to create an archive using Google’s export feature.

The following instructions will produce a download containing all of your videos. You are unable to download individual videos in their original quality.

  • Visit Google Takeout
  • Click Select none in the top right of the second section
  • Scroll down to YouTube and click the tick-box on the right hand side
  • Click Next and select an archive format (usually .zip) and a delivery method.
  • Click Create archive and wait for your email with a link to your archive
  • Download all files and then extract your archive to find all of your videos in original quality


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